About Hull Caterers

Our Hull Catering team is based near Hull and are the right caterers perfectly located to serve the Yorkshire region with many motorways close by we travel frequently up and down them doing hog roasts in Leeds or barbecue in Sheffield or spit roasts in Hull in fact we travel as far north as Darlington and as far south as Chesterfield and cover all the bits in-between.  Established in 2006 we became one of the regions and Yorkshire’s most popular and choice of most outside caterers carrying serving  large and small professional barbeque catering to consistently impressive standards using good local and quality free range meats and local ingredients for all our menus, but our real claim to our fame comes from our amazing hog supplier and her stunning free range hog roasts which are a special cross breed and is thought to be in the top 1 to 2% of high quality elite free range pork in the country, having won the prestigious Good Pig Award in 2012 and attained the Supreme Champion Award from Deliciously Yorkshire there is no doubt that these are indeed very high quality hog roasts that once tasted speak for themselves.  However we constantly strive to develop new and exciting menus that will continue to push us further and further like our magnificent range of authentic Spanish and traditional Gastro fayre big pan menus a really new and innovative way of both feeding and exciting your guests as they get to see everything being prepared before being served straight from the big pan itself to their plate, wonderful and amazing are two of the words we are often told that this experience is.  But having said all this you can pull apart our menus and mix them up taking elements in and out to suit your budget, suit your taste and to suit your specific requirements. Feel free to email us or call us to chat about this or any ideas you have for doing this we will be happy to hear from you.

Hull Event Catering

Our team of Hull caterers prepare and serve food at all kinds of special occasions and events. Food can include Barbecues, Hog Roasts, Wedding Buffets, Big Pan catering and much more. We can provide delicious hot or cold free range food at street parties, corporate catering events or even serve to waited tables. We are some of Yorkshire’s best caterers and our Hull catering staff aim to cater your event in a fast and efficient way, setting out everything for service if needed and cleaning up all the dishes afterwards! We don’t mind how big or small your Hull event is – regardless you need a good caterer and we can help with anything from a small birthday party, wedding or large crowd – we can adapt our catering style and menus to suit your requirements.